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Hotel Intergate Hiroshima

Hotel Intergate Hiroshima

Natural and relaxing guest rooms with a sense of Hiroshima’s local character

Private space designed in the motif of Oleander, the flower of Hiroshima City. Have yourself a relaxing time in our spacious guest rooms.

Rooms for a special occasion


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A variety of local delicacies and seasonal ingredients as the source of your travel delight

Based on the concept of vegetable-rich breakfast with freshly baked breads, our chefs prepare more than 50 dishes with an added touch to start your day. The menu is available only in Hiroshima, using ingredients nurtured in the rich climate of the Seto Inland Sea.

Specialty breakfast menu


  • Selected local Hiroshima coffee, served with a special drip machine.

    We use carefully selected beans from Kotobukiya Coffee, a coffee specialist established in 1947 well known for delivering the flavor of a Hiroshima cafe, and carefully brew each cup of coffee from a Curtis Seraphim. Have yourself a cup of the finest coffee.

  • A gentle meal to warm yourself and mind at the end of the day.

    For your late night snacks, we offer ochazuke (boiled rice in soup) to fill your stomach. The soup stock is made from bonito and kelp, and the toppings include Hiroshima’s famous shichimi (green pepper and shiso leaf) and oyster soy sauce (Hiroshima oyster).

Connecting people to people, the local community, and the hotel.

The Intergate Lounge, a gathering space on the top floor (14th floor), is also equipped with terrace seats where you can view the changing seasons of Hiroshima City against the backdrop of a mountain range. This space can be used as often as you like during your stay.

Intergate Lounge


Local Value Gallery, featuring Hiroshima history and art collection

The Local Value Gallery reposits Hiroshima traditional arts and crafts, as well as a wealth of local books and information. By getting in touch with the history and useful information of the city of Hiroshima, guests can experience little trips inside the hotel.

A value experience-based hotel that brings you in touch with local traditions and culture

The enjoyment of traveling is enhanced when one comes into contact with people, things, and places that one can only encounter in that region. Learn about history and culture through art and traditional industrial products. Living in harmony with the local community, we support our customers through services that only Intergate Hotels can provide as we discover and transmit new culture and values from the region.

Tradition & Culture


Enjoy Hiroshima’s history, culture, and art at the hotel

Guests can enjoy workshops to experience Hiroshima's tradition and cultures, as well as events. Through its interior and artwork, the hotel expresses the charm of Hiroshima in the aspects of “history” and “culture.”