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Hotel Intergate Kanazawa


Hotel Intergate Kanazawa

Hotel Intergate Kanazawa

Contemporary design with a modern twist on the glamour and serenity of Kaga culture

The guest rooms are bright and spacious, with designs using Kanazawa’s “Su” and “Kuzushi” techniques and traditional colors of “Kaga Gosai” to express its history and culture.

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A variety of local delicacies and seasonal ingredients as the source of your travel delight

Based on the concept of vegetable-rich breakfast with freshly baked breads, our chefs prepare more than 50 dishes with an added touch to start your day. We also have menus only available here in Kanazawa, which once prospered as a castle town of the Kaga Hyakumangoku.

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Connecting people to people, the local community, and the hotel.

The Intergate Lounge is a gathering space with a coffee counter resembling a chasen (tea whisk), a symbol of Kanazawa’s tea ceremony culture. This space can be used as often as you like during your stay.

Intergate Lounge


Local Value Gallery, featuring Kanazawa history and art collection

The Local Value Gallery reposits Kanazawa traditional arts and crafts, as well as a wealth of local books and information. By getting in touch with the history and useful information of the city of Kanazawa, guests can experience little trips inside the hotel.

A value experience-based hotel that brings you in touch with local traditions and culture

The enjoyment of traveling is enhanced when one comes into contact with people, things, and places that one can only encounter in that region. Learn about history and culture through art and traditional industrial products. Living in harmony with the local community, we support our customers through services that only Intergate Hotels can provide as we discover and transmit new culture and values from the region.

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Enjoy Kanazawa’s history, culture, and art at the hotel

Guests can enjoy workshops to experience Kanazawa’s tradition and cultures, as well as events. For hotel interior, Kanazawa's traditional motifs such as Kaga Gosai (traditional colors) and modern design are used.