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Feel free to experience traditional, cultural crafts with handmade kits

Kokeshi doll painting experience

You can paint the face of your family or yourself on a kokeshi doll and take it with you as a memento of your trip.
Kokeshi dolls are adorned with Kaga Yuzen-dyed fabrics, a traditional craft of Ishikawa. You can enjoy the charm of Kaga Yuzen dyeing by appreciating the characteristic smoothness and beautiful colors of authentic Kaga Yuzen fabrics.

Kaga Yuzen uses Kaga Gosai (five Kaga colors) as base colors — namely dark crimson, indigo, yellow ocher, grass green, and ancient purple, which are mixed together to express a variety of colors. Unlike Kyo Yuzen, which developed in the midst of imperial court culture, Kaga Yuzen does not use gold leaf, embroidery, or other glittering finishing techniques, which makes the delicate colors more appealing.

■ Venue for experience:Intergate Lounge, Guest rooms
■ Selling price:¥1,500
Please ask the staff if you are interested in this experience.