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Connecting travelers with the local community — Learning about local traditional crafts and culture

We regularly offer “koto-experience” services that allow guests to explore the traditional culture of the region, connecting travelers with the local community and making their travels all the more enjoyable through experiences that expose them to the traditional culture and values unique to the region.
We offer a variety of events, including a workshop to learn how to paint on Japanese candles (Kyoto traditional culture) and Maiko (apprentice geisha) performances where you can see traditional crafts worn by Maiko.

Craft Experience

We provide handmade kits for making traditional, cultural crafts that you can try at any time during your stay or at home. We recommend these as a souvenir or a memento of your trip in discovering the charms of Kyoto. You can try it at your convenience.

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Local Charm Discovery Channel — Let’s go to a journey to discover local attractions!

The “Local Charm Discovery Channel” introducing the traditional culture of each region is available on the official Youtube channel of GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts. The videos focus on the traditional culture passed down in each region, with people engaged in traditional industries sharing their cultural history, their passion for crafts, as well as their deepest thoughts about tradition and culture.

Kyoto’s Only Kyo-koma Craftsman / Yoshiyuki Nakamura, Kyo-koma Jakkyu

Kyo-koma originated as a game played in the residences of aristocrats. This culture has a history of more than 400 years, but it actually died out once.
Yoshiyuki Nakamura, the only craftsman of Kyo-koma, will introduce the good old charisma and new value of Kyo-koma.

Expressions Created by Flickering Flames of Kyo Candles / Hirokazu Tagawa, Kyo Candle Artist, Nakamura Rousoku

The flickering flame of Kyo candles, which are handmade one by one by craftsmen using techniques passed down from generation to generation, is called “1/f noise” and is said to have a healing effect.
Hirokazu Tagawa of Nakamura Rousoku, a candle maker, will introduce the charm and traditional technique of Kyo candles, which light a healing flame.