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Kyo-koma making experience

The colorful Kyo-koma (Kyoto spinning top) has been considered a good luck charm since ancient times, imbued with meanings such as “smoothness” and “happiness.” Please enjoy making your own original Kyo-koma with your favorite color combination.

Unlike ordinary koma, which are spun by wrapping a string around it, Kyo-koma is a type of spinning top that is spun by pinching the shaft. It is said to have originated in the Azuchi-Momoyama period, when women of the noble class made Kyo-koma by wrapping scraps of kimono around a bamboo stick. It is said that it was not until around the early Showa period that people began to use hirahimo (flat braids) instead of tanmono (roll of cloth for kimono) as they do today. The vividly colorful Kyo-koma made by wrapping strings of various colors are still made entirely by hand. Please experience the traditional craftsmanship handed down in Kyoto.

■Venue for experience:Guest rooms
■Selling price:¥2,000
Please ask the staff if you are interested in this experience.