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Connecting travelers with the local community — Learning about local traditional crafts and culture

We regularly offer “koto-experience” services that allow guests to explore the traditional culture of the region, connecting travelers with the local community and making their travels all the more enjoyable through experiences that expose them to the traditional culture and values unique to the region.

Craft Experience

We provide handmade kits for making traditional, cultural crafts that you can try at any time during your stay or at home. We recommend these as a souvenir or a memento of your trip in discovering the charms of Tokyo. You can try it at your convenience.

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Local Charm Discovery Channel — Let’s go to a journey to discover local attractions!

The “Local Charm Discovery Channel” introducing the traditional culture of each region is available on the official Youtube channel of GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts. The videos focus on the traditional culture passed down in each region, with people engaged in traditional industries sharing their cultural history, their passion for crafts, as well as their deepest thoughts about tradition and culture.

Kumiko Design Advanced, Precision Technology / Hideo Yamakawa, Yamakawa Tategu

Kumiko Design is a unique Japanese traditional craft imbued with high technology and delicate design.
Kumiko Design craftsman, Hideo Yamakawa of Yamakawa Tategu Ltd., will introduce the beauty and craftsmanship of Kumiko Design.