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  3. Making Edo Kumiko wood coasters with hemp leaf patterns

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Making Edo Kumiko wood coasters with hemp leaf patterns

Kumiko Design is a unique Japanese traditional craft imbued with high technology and delicate design. You can make a hemp leaf pattern coaster by combining the wooden parts. You can feel the craftsmanship in your own hands as the wood pieces fit together without using any glue.

Kumiko Design refers to the geometric patterns often seen on shoji screens and transoms, which are indispensable in Japanese houses, created through a technique of assembling wood pieces without using a single nail. Kumiko Design creates beautiful patterns by combining many finely cut wood pieces, and in order to create the finest pattern, each piece of wood must be so precisely cut that only a 0.01 mm margin of error is allowed. This requires an extremely sophisticated skills, and is therefore referred to as one of the most difficult techniques for joinery craftsmen.

■ Venue for experience:Guest rooms
■ Selling price:¥1,500
Please ask the staff if you are interested in this experience.