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  3. Mini-tree and New Year's decoration making experience

Eco-friendly original ornaments with recycled paper craft bands

Mini-tree and New Year's decoration making experience

Date & Time: Saturday, December 2, 2023 15:00~18:00

As products made of environmentally friendly materials are attracting attention, we will hold a workshop for making mini-trees and New Year’s decorations using recycled paper craft bands, which are said to originate in Japan.

Children and beginners can also enjoy the easy-to-understand lecture by the instructor. Please take this opportunity to experience the fun of eco-friendly “craft bands” by making your own original ornaments that will add color to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.


【Outline of workshop】

■Date & Time: Saturday, December 2, 2023 15:00~18:00
■Venue: Hotel Intergate Tokyo Kyobashi Lounge 2F

(1)Mini-tree 1,100yen (tax included)
(2)New Year’s decoration 1,300yen (tax included)
※Mini-tree and New Year’s decoration’s kits are available in limited quantities.
※Fee includes materials, instructor and service charges.

■Time required:30 to 60 minutes each.
■Experience:No reservation required. Please come directly to the Intergate lounge.

New Year’s decoration(illustration purpose)


【Concurrent event】Special sale of craft band items
A limited number of bags, knick-knacks, and decorative items created with craft bands will be available for sale. Light and sturdy basket bags that are easy to carry around, accessories made of lace weaving, and pretty bag charms in the shape of flowers make great souvenirs or gifts. Please feel free to stop by.


■What is a Craft Band?
Craft bands (paper bands) are made by making strings and pasting them together flat to form a band, and are said to have originated in Japan. They are made from environmentally friendly recycled paper such as milk cartons. The craft bands used in this project are all made of recycled paper bands produced in Japan, which are durable despite being made of paper and can be woven in a variety of ways.


Instructor:Certified Instructor, Craft Band Ecology Association, Inc. Mrs. Miyazaki Chieko
Creates and sells bags, accessories, ornaments, and other items made with craft bands, and exhibits them. She continues to promote craft bands as an instructor at handicraft classes and other facilities in order to convey the beauty of crafts as an environmentally friendly hobby to
a wider audience.