Communal BathCommunal Bath
Communal Bath

Grand communal bath to soak away travel fatigue

Basic cosmetics and amenities are provided in the powder room.
Therapy rooms and relaxation spaces are also available to relax and cool down after bathing.

Communal Bath

Therapy rooms

Therapy rooms

A space to relax after bathing without having to worry about other people seeing you.
Therapy rooms are available in both the men's and women's spaces.

Amenities Amenities


Skin lotion, milk lotion, cleansing , cotton and brush for Women, skinwater and skinmilk for Men is prepared at the dressing room. Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap is prepared at the bathroom.

Basic information

6:00a.m.~10:00a.m. / 3:00p.m.~1:00a.m.
Electric fan, health meter, hair dryer, cotton swabs, hand and face soap, shampoo, conditioner, body soap
Guests who are drunk, and guests with tattoo is not allowed.
However, if you can cover the tattoo with two tattoo cover stickers. You can take a bath.
Tattoo cover stickers size is (10㎝x15㎝),Please ask at the reception desk.
For the women's bath, unlock the key with the touch panel.
The password number will be given at the front desk. The communal bath is available with Guests can wear a night wear and slippers when they go to the communal bath.

Hotel Intergate Kyoto Shijo Shinmachi

Hotel Intergate Kyoto Shijo Shinmachi

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