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  3. Making a momiji strap using mizuhiki

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Making a momiji strap using mizuhiki

You can make a momiji, the symbolic tree and flower of Hiroshima Prefecture, using mizuhiki, which is said to bring good luck.

Mizuhiki is a decorative Japanese knot-tying artform for gifts. Today, mizuhiki is attracting attention in new forms, being created by artists as fashionable accessories, small articles, and interior decorations. The origin of mizuhiki dates back 1,300 years to the Asuka Period. It is said that tying mizuhiki to gifts became a common practice after an envoy from the Sui dynasty (present-day China) brought back gifts embellished with red and white hemp strings. Such long-established mizuhiki has a special feature — the strings can be twisted in different patterns according to the feelings that the sender wishes to convey. Mizuhiki is imbued with the spirit of hospitality that has continued in Japan since ancient times, taking the form of a thoughtful gesture for the recipients.

■ Venue for experience:Guest rooms
■ Selling price:¥1,000
Please ask the staff if you are interested in this experience.