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Feel free to experience traditional, cultural crafts with handmade kits

Local spinning top productions experience

Intergate Hotels will celebrate the 5th anniversary of its brand in March 2023. The first of these hotels, the “local spinning top” is a traditional industry in Kyoto, where Hotel Intergate Kyoto Shijo-Shinmachi is located. We have prepared a kit to experience making local spinning top with motifs of local specialties under the supervision of Mr. Nakamura Yoshiyuki who is the only spinning top craftsman in Japan.

The colorful spinning top has a meaning of “smoothness” & ”amity”, and has long been considered a good omen. At Hotel Intergate Kyoto Shijo-Shinmachi, you can make your own “local spinning top”, which is made in the motif of Koppori that is Maiko’s footwear. Please try it as a souvenir or a memory of your trip.

■ Sales Period:Until Sunday, March 31, 2024.
■ Venue:Intergate Lounge 1F
■ Sales Price:2,200yen (tax included)
 Please contact our staff if you would like to experience it.

Cooperation:Kyokoma「Jakkyu」 https://www.shinise.ne.jp/jakkyu


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