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Hotel Intergate Osaka Umeda x Osaka University of Arts (2021)

Open the Door to the World of Art

In 2021, we started collaboration projects with Osaka University of Arts, such as by presenting within the hotel the imaginative and exciting designs produced by students from the Department of Design who incorporate their own unique ideas under the theme of “connection with the region (Osaka).”
Together, we provided the “Art Room,” which is filled with artworks reminiscent of the “near future” created by students to enhance the enjoyment of hotel stays, the “Discover Osaka Leaflet,” which introduces Osaka’s famous landmarks and souvenirs from the perspective of art university students, and the “Nyaniwa” AR content, which can be experienced inside the hotel. *These services are no longer available.
We will continue to implement initiatives that reflect the students’ innovative ideas, so please stay tuned.

■ Osaka University of Arts

Change society with “imagination” and “creativity.” Learn the “power” that opens up the future. It is a comprehensive art university where 15 departments of various art genres are gathered on a vast campus.
We cultivate the “ability to contribute to society” through a “practical education-oriented approach” that provides many venues for presentations.
Currently, graduates who have cultivated the “independence,” “problem-finding ability,” and “creativity” required by companies through “art” and pioneered the future are active in various industries throughout Japan.