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  3. Yose special delivery by Fukuryu Katsura, a member of Katsura Fukudanji Ichimon

Traditional performing art “Kamigata rakugo” viewing service in guest rooms

Yose special delivery by Fukuryu Katsura, a member of Katsura Fukudanji Ichimon

We have prepared a 15-minute video streaming of Kamigata rakugo (Osaka traditional performing art), so that guests can easily experience it.

Guests can enjoy a free performance based on “Zoo”, one of the most popular Kamigata rakugo stories, by Fukuryu Katsura (a Kamigata rakugo storyteller from the Katsura Fukudanji Ichimon) in their own rooms.
*Please read the 2D barcode on the in-room TV screen with your smartphone or other smart device to view the performance.

■ Kamigata Rakugo Storyteller Fukuryu Katsura

Born in Winnipeg, Canada. Came to Japan in 2001. Fascinated by rakugo, he was introduced to Fukudanji Katsura in 2016, becoming his 11th apprentice. He is the second foreign Rakugo performer of Kamigata Rakugo Association. He has been sharing the charm of rakugo not only in Japan, but also in the Philippines, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii, and other places around the world.

■ Kamigata Rakugo Storyteller Fukudanji Katsura

He was introduced to Harudanji Katsura III and became Ichiharu, then Koharu III in 1963, and assumed the title of Fukudanji Katsura IV in 1973. He received the Excellence Award at the National Arts Festival in 1999 and the distinguished service award at the Kamigata Owarai Taisho in 1981. His main associations are Fukudanji Ichimonkai, Sign Language Rakugo Yose, Hozenji Yose, and Abiko Kannonji Yose.
He tells a wide variety of stories, specializing in emotional stories such as “Shijimiuri,” “Yabuiri,” and “Nezumi-ana.”